Saturday, March 30, 2013


Association for the Protection of Animals Mora La Nova.
Catalonia, Spain.

We are a non profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re homing of neglected and abandoned dogs.

We currently have over 350 dogs of all sizes and ages 
in two sites. 
Ginestar and Mora la Nova.

We normally receive a percentage of funding from the local town councils in return for taking abandoned dogs off the streets, neutering, vaccinating and re-homing.

Unfortunately, due to the dire financial situation in Spain they have not given us any money for over 6 months!

This, combined with a drastic fall in contributions from our partners due to a lack of spare funds and loss of jobs, means we are in desperate need of money to buy food for the dogs!
At the moment of writing the dogs are being fed every other day with either dry bread leftover from the local bakeries, or rice which must be cooked fresh every day!

Some associations and wholesalers are donating small amounts of dry dog food occasionally, but it is never enough!

350 dogs need 120 kgs. of dry dog food EVERY DAY!

This situation cannot continue indefinitely without the dogs suffering..They have suffered enough....

Please donate whatever you can by clicking on the DONATE button at the top of this page..

Every penny donated goes towards food and medical treatment for the dogs!

Thursday, January 31, 2013


This is Nelson.
Nelson is  a poodle cross and has been at the refuge for many years.
His owner died and there was no one to care for him so he came to the refuge and will stay for the rest of his life.
Like all poodles his hair needs to be clipped regularly which he does not enjoy!

He has a nervous problem in which he throws his head back and howls when excited which has meant he has been difficult to re-home..
He likes to be up high and can jump onto tables with little effort!
He is a great favourite at the refuge and gets into the house at every opportunity..
Like most of the dogs here he loves cuddles and will do anything for attention!

Please help Nelson and his friends..
All donations, however small, will go towards the feeding and care of the dogs!
It's easy to help, just click on the DONATE button top right.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


This is Bobbi.

Bobbi is a lovely friendly dog who was found cowering in a doorway in town..
The reason he was so frightened is because he is completely blind!
He had been abandoned in a strange place where he could not see, with cars, buses and strange people all around!

He lives happily in Ginestar with the other dogs, but will never be re-homed as he is now settled and finds his way around by smell and hearing.
He is so used to his surroundings that you wouldn't know he is blind! 
He plays with the other dogs, jumps on and off the walls and knows exactly where to find a person even if they do not speak!
He is such a happy, friendly dog it's difficult to know how anyone could leave him!

Bobbi needs to have his hair clipped 2 or 3 times a year.

Please help Bobbi and his friends.
Donate anything you can!
Every penny goes towards the feeding and care of the dogs!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


These are just a few of the puppies we have had in the last 6 months.
Irresponsible owners allow their bitch to have puppies, thinking they will easily find homes for them...

When they find no one wants the puppies, they leave them at the gates of the refuge at night or early morning when no one will see them!

Sometimes they are six or seven weeks old and can be (hopefully) re-homed fairly quickly.
But we have the expense of vaccinating and worming them as soon as possible.

 Sometimes they are very much younger and need careful nursing and feeding.

Puppies have been found abandoned in cardboard boxes at only 10 days old, their eyes still shut!

Puppy milk is very expensive but we cannot put the puppies to sleep once they are more than a few days old.

They have to be housed separately from the other dogs, usually in a foster home, until they are old enough to be adopted or move into the refuge.

If they are kept with the older dogs they catch Parvo virus and die!

Usually they have fleas when they arrive, and often mange also...
This all has to be treated and it all costs money which we then cannot use to buy food!

Please help these innocent puppies! 

They did not ask to be born into a careless world! 

They do not deserve to die of starvation or disease!

They deserve the best start in life we can give them!

Please donate using the button at the top of this website...
Every penny goes to the care and feeding of these abandoned dogs!



This is Abuelo

Abuelo means grandfather.
Abuelo has been at the sanctuary for eight years!
When he first arrived he had been abandoned by his owners because he had a huge testicular tumour, which hey could not afford to have removed..
He had his operation as soon as he arrived and has been well ever since.
Because he is a large dog and hunting type, he has never been chosen for adoption.
He is a very placid, laid back dog and would have made a lovely pet for someone but it was not to be.
So now he is here for the rest of his life...

Please donate what you can to help these innocent victims of the financial crisis which is devastating this country!
Every penny goes towards the care and feeding of the dogs..


This is little Yorkie.

Yorkie was abandoned close to the local vet's surgery, he has had an accident, possibly with a car, at some time in the past which has left him with a stiffened back leg.
When he walks his leg is carried up alongside his body.
He is not house trained and can never be adopted so he will spend the rest of his life at the sanctuary.
He is a very friendly little dog, full of character!

Please donate whatever you can to help feed and care for the dogs here at the sanctuary.
Every Penny donated goes towards the care and feeding of these innocent victims.


This is Linda

Linda has been with us for several years.
She had a broken back caused by an accident and lost the use of her back legs.
Because she dragged her legs behind they got very sore and eventually had to be removed.
Linda has wheels which she uses to go outside for a few hours each day, but they also rub her skin and make it sore so her time out is very restricted.
She will live out the rest of her life in the refuge.
She is a happy little dog nevertheless, and enjoys attention and cuddles!

Every Cent donated goes towards food and medical treatment for the dogs in the refuge!