Saturday, March 30, 2013


Association for the Protection of Animals Mora La Nova.
Catalonia, Spain.

We are a non profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re homing of neglected and abandoned dogs.

We currently have over 350 dogs of all sizes and ages 
in two sites. 
Ginestar and Mora la Nova.

We normally receive a percentage of funding from the local town councils in return for taking abandoned dogs off the streets, neutering, vaccinating and re-homing.

Unfortunately, due to the dire financial situation in Spain they have not given us any money for over 6 months!

This, combined with a drastic fall in contributions from our partners due to a lack of spare funds and loss of jobs, means we are in desperate need of money to buy food for the dogs!
At the moment of writing the dogs are being fed every other day with either dry bread leftover from the local bakeries, or rice which must be cooked fresh every day!

Some associations and wholesalers are donating small amounts of dry dog food occasionally, but it is never enough!

350 dogs need 120 kgs. of dry dog food EVERY DAY!

This situation cannot continue indefinitely without the dogs suffering..They have suffered enough....

Please donate whatever you can by clicking on the DONATE button at the top of this page..

Every penny donated goes towards food and medical treatment for the dogs!