Association for the protection of animals Ebro Area.
We are a non profit, no kill refuge and re-homing center for abandoned and mistreated dogs.

It is run by Isabel Bellver, a native Catalan.

We cover a wide area covering the lower Ebro region from Flix and Riba Roca in the west, to Falset in the north and 
El Perello and the coastal town of 
L' Ametlla de Mar in the south.

We have been in existence as A.M.P.A.R.E in Mora La Nova since 1985 and in 2006 we opened the second refuge in Ginestar as the original site in Mora La Nova was not big enough to accommodate all the animals comfortably.

The Mora La Nova refuge holds a maximum of 100 dogs and the rest are housed in the compound at Ginestar, where the owner also lives.

We endeavour to re-home as many dogs as possible and the ones who are difficult or impossible to find homes for we care for here at the refuge for the rest of their life.

We have a no-kill policy unless an animal is suffering to such an extent that it is not possible to alleviate the suffering.

The financial crisis over the last few years here in Spain has had many serious consequences for us.  

First of all a lot of foreigners who bought property here because it was cheap, have run out of money and gone back to their own countries, in many cases leaving behind their pets!
Secondly, the donations which we rely on from animal lovers have almost entirely dried up due to loss of jobs and reductions in wages!
Thirdly, our mainstay core funding, which has in the past come from the local town halls, has been totally cut off!

Last, but by no means least, no one wants to take on another mouth to feed when money is so tight!
So adoptions are almost impossible!

We desperately need your help!
Please donate whatever you can!
Every penny goes to food and medicine for the dogs!

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