Sunday, December 23, 2012

Abandoned But Rehomed!

All these dogs were abandoned!

These puppies were left in a cardboard box outside the sanctuary!

This dog was left behind by hunters, either because he wasn't good enough, or he didn't come back to the van when they went home!
We called him Simon.

This little dog was rescued from terrible conditions. 
She was in a run with about 12 other dogs, it hadn't been cleaned out for weeks and they were all covered in Faeces, their hair matted and unkempt!

 This dog was found wandering the streets, having been put out of a car and left by his owners!
We think he was abandoned because his hair needs clipping regularly and they couldn't afford to pay for it ..

Thankfully all these dogs now have good, permanent homes.
There are 350 more who aren't so lucky!

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  1. This is terrible these poor dogs having to survive on dry bread and rice.They wont last long on this food.I wish i was a millionaire and i would save them all but i am not so i will give what i can.Lets all get together and donate something however small i am sure it will help in some way yours sincerely Dale from England